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Swimming Lessons

Learn to Swim at Splashworld!
We’re thrilled to start our new 7-week swimming term from February 24th – March 1st. Join us for a term filled with progress and fun in the water. For those currently enrolled, auto re-enrollment emails will be sent on the final day instead of second last this term. This is to allow instructors to do a quick assessment of children that missed assessment week due to the midterm break, etc.

Please note that due to the St Patrick’s day bank holiday, our Sunday and Monday lessons will run for a 6-week term instead. If you wish to request a move please complete this form: Swimming Lesson move requests. Typically a 7 week term of swimming lessons is €65 per child, with a discount for 3 siblings. Prokids is €45 for 7 weeks.

Waiting List
To secure your spot on the waiting list, kindly fill out the form provided below. In case you’ve previously applied but haven’t received any response, we encourage you to submit the form once more. It’s possible that our earlier emails were redirected to your spam folder. To improve our communication and ensure you receive all necessary updates, we have now included WhatsApp as an additional channel for correspondence.

Assessment & Feedback
Live assessments can be viewed on Assessment Week 6 (Week 5 for Monday lessons) on the parent portal platform. See competencies list below. Instructor feedback comments are sent via email on week 6/7 every second term.

Play-Time Note
Please note: On Week 4 (mid-term) we have a short playtime session at the end of the lesson with the small slide and waves in operation. While Week 7 (final week) features an extended fun playtime with big waterslides and our wave pool, celebrating our swimmers’ progress.

Stay Connected with Your Child’s Swimming Progress!
Sign up for our Parent Portal today! It’s our online platform to monitor your child’s swimming progress, view assessments, and check course schedules. Registration is simple – just complete the Parent Portal Registration form. We’ll create and link your account to your child’s and provide login details. Remember, enrolled children are already in our database, so no need to create an account for them. Stay updated with just a click!

Entry Procedure


🔹Enter via the right side “POOL ENTRY” door and right side viewing area door.

🔹Arrive beach ready with swimwear on.

🔹Entry to the building will only be allowed 5 minutes prior to lesson start time.

🔹Tog off quickly at the viewing area – “drop off area” – and parents exit via the other viewing area door with child’s swim gear and exit building via the main door.

🔹Children assemble with their instructor around the pool deck at their designated areas.


🔹Parents reenter through the main door – on left – and wait in the changing room up to five minutes before the end time.

🔹Showers are available and change in cubicles on the way out.

🙏 We really appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Level guide

Below are the teaching aims and assessment guidelines for each swimming lesson level. Your child should be able to complete the competencies in the previous level to be eligible to book a place.

Preschool: Ducklings

For toddlers aged 3 and up. Develop water confidence & play games.

Beginner 1: Kiddy Kickers
For children ages 4 and up. Confident. Kicking on front and back with floats and putting faces in the water.

Beginner 2: Turtles
Streamlined on front without floats. Confident on back without floats. Attempt arm action. Kicking on front with float. Push & Glide.

Beginner 3: Starfish
Front crawl 10m. Back crawl attempting arms. Roll front to back. Floating on front & back.

Improver 1: Goldfish
Front crawl with breathing 12m, Back crawl 12m, Attempt Breastroke, Pick up objects from the bottom of the pool.

Improver 2: Dolphins
Front crawl ½ length with breathing, Back crawl ½ length, Breastroke, Butterfly Legs.

Improver 3: Silver Fins
Front crawl and Back crawl 20m, Breastroke 20m, Attempting butterfly, Attempting tumble.

Advanced: Swordfish
Front crawl, Back crawl, Breastroke, Butterfly 15m, Sculling.

Keep up your swimming! Improve technique and build stamina through coached sets.


Here is a table with all of the competencies (in alphabetical order) that the children are graded on that you see on the portal. A level grouped version is also on the notice board at reception.

Attendance Note

✅ What to bring? Just bring your togs, towel, hat & goggles: armbands are not required.

✅ To keep our pool water clean, please ensure that your child showers before entering the swimming pool.

✅ Please lock away all belongings in the lockers provided. Unattended belongings may have to be removed from the cubicles by staff members.

✅ Parents, please stay off the pool deck. If absolutely necessary or for a medical reason, please ask a staff member on duty.

✅ Please ensure that children are collected promptly after lessons.

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