School swimming lesson Registration form

We’re excited to launch our Parent Portal and online feedback system for schools and parents. This will improve our swimming programs by allowing better monitoring and support for young swimmers.

🏊 Purpose of the New System

To enhance the tracking of progress and attendance in our swimming lessons, we’re introducing individual accounts for each child. This allows us to maintain accurate records and enables both parents and schools to view the student’s progression. At the end of each term, we will assess the children’s levels and generate a digital certificate, which will be available for download.

📝 Information Required

  • Name: For identifying the student in our system.
  • Date of Birth:For identifying the student in our system and age appropriate grouping.
  • Contact Number: Optional but recommended for updates.
  • Email Address: Optional, for parents who wish to track progress online.

🔒 Data Protection and GDPR Compliance

We prioritize the privacy and security of your child’s personal information. We adhere to GDPR guidelines and employ robust security measures to protect the data. The information collected will be used solely for tracking swimming progress and will not be utilized for marketing.

✅ Registration Form