Saturday Swimming Lessons March 2021

Saturday Swimming Lessons

Dear Parent,
starting next term, from March 5th, we are changing our Saturday swimming lesson times.
Please read and complete the form below.

Beg 1Beg 1Beg 1
Beg 2Beg 2Beg 2
Beg 3Beg 3Pro-Kids
Imp 1Imp 1Preschool
Imp 2Imp 2
Imp 3Imp 3

We are reverting back to our old Saturday morning opening hours and have been trying to incorporate another Pro-Kids and a Preschool class back into our timetable. We apologise if this causes any issues.

Please let us know in the form below what your preference is and if none of the new times are suitable, please allow us to try to facilitate you on a different day. Please provide us with alternate days and times where you will be hopefully available to change to if needs be.

Splashworld Team

Saturday Swimming Lessons Rebooking

Please note that this form is only for those enrolled in the current term of Saturday swimming lessons. Everyone else please complete the application form above. Thank you!

Swimmer's Names