Feb/March Swimming Lessons

FEBruary – March – APRIL Lessons

A new 6 week term of swimming lessons begins on the following dates:

Thursday: 24th February
Friday: 25th February

Monday: 28th February
Tuesday: 1st March
Wednesday: 2nd March
Saturday: 5th March
Sunday: 6th March

Please note: Thursday and Friday are starting earlier due to the double bank holiday on March 17th & 18th and in order to finish prior to the Easter holidays.

For those currently enrolled, please complete the form below to confirm your attendance in the next term before Sunday 13th.

For new joiners, please complete a swimming lesson application form to join the waiting list.

Swimming Lesson Rebooking Confirmation Form

Please note that this form is only for those enrolled in the current term of swimming lessons. Everyone else please complete the application form above. Thank you!

Swimmer's Names