Easter Swim Camp Payment 2024

Easter Camp Payment


Entry Procedure


🔹Enter via the right side “POOL ENTRY” door and right side viewing area door.

🔹Arrive beach ready with swimwear on.

🔹Entry to the building will only be allowed 5 minutes prior to lesson start time.

🔹Tog off quickly at the viewing area – “drop off area” – and parents exit via the other viewing area door with child’s swim gear and exit building via the main door.

🔹Children assemble with their instructor around the pool deck at their designated areas.


🔹Parents reenter through the main door – on left – and wait in the changing room up to five minutes before the end time.

🔹Showers are available and change in cubicles on the way out.

🙏 We really appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Attendance Note

✅ What to bring? Just bring your togs, towel, hat & goggles: armbands are not required.

✅ To keep our pool water clean, please ensure that your child showers before entering the swimming pool.

✅ Please lock away all belongings in the lockers provided. Unattended belongings may have to be removed from the cubicles by staff members.

✅ Parents, please stay off the pool deck. If absolutely necessary or for a medical reason, please ask a staff member on duty.

✅ Please ensure that children are collected promptly after lessons.